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  • “Maximize the power of Facebook to capture leads”
  • Make every sponsored post you write a lead capture magnet
  • Transform all your ‘likes’ and ‘comments on sponsored posts into leads instantly
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  • Fresh of the press-brand new software...creates an Automated source of previously Untapped Traffic by capturing all your ‘likes’ ‘comments’ as leads
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A New Age In Facebook Lead Generation Has Dawned

What If There’s A Way To Turn

Likes & Comments Into Leads?

Think about all the hundreds (or thousands) of people who comment and like your sponsored posts for a second.

Unfortunately You Cannot Follow Up With These ‘Likers’ And ‘Commenters’-Until Now..

And There’s More...

Facebook Is Stealing Your Hard Earned Leads...

It’s true. Bounce rates from Facebook ads have gone through the roof recently when sending traffic to a lead capture page.

Less than 65% of people who click on your ad actually land on your capture page and become a valuable lead.

The bottom line is- you are paying for the traffic...

And Facebook Is Stealing Those Potential Lucrative Leads From You.

It makes me mad as hell-as then you have to go pay for traffic again.

I decided to change how lead generation was done for good on Facebook because...


And Facebook Can Charge You A Fortune For It.

So it’s only right you get to keep the leads you get from it.

So I went back to the drawing board with my software developer with the biggest, most complicated task in my life at hand.

I had to create a simple way to keep all the leads I was paying for on Facebook…and be able to market to all the people who ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on my sponsored posts.

And that was not an easy gig.


….after 6 months of hard work, and thinking, researching, and racking our brains for hours on end for a software program to help us keep 100% of our Facebook leads

...We finally found the answer...


Watch This Demo Video

To See Why You ABSOLUTELY Need AdsMartly In Your Business...

Let Me Break It Down For You:

  • Bounce rates to lead capture pages are rising all the time. AdsMartly’s custom link technology enables you to capture those lost leads.
  • People who like and comment on your sponsored posts are valuable leads. You need to follow up with them. AdsMartly helps you capture those leads and export them to a ‘warm list’ you can market to later.
  • You can save yourself a fortune on Facebook advertising, as you will be getting a lot more leads for every $1 you spend.
  • You don’t have to worry about your capture page’s opt-in rate. Adsmartly will make sure you capture all subscribers who click on your ad.

Here’s How It Works...

Adsmartly is a One-Click software which enables you to capture the emails addresses of all clickers, likers and commenters on your Facebook ads and sponsored posts.

  • You Don’t Need Any Landing Page Or Opt- In Forms.
  • You Just Need The Customized Adsmartly Link.
  • You can then export these leads as a warm audience you can remarket to later on...WITHOUT paying Facebook a penny more on advertising.

Now, YOU Can Get Your Hands On The Same


Here’s Just Some Of What
You Will Be Able To Do With Adsmartly

Custom Link Generating System

Never again will you use your destination raw link in creating Facebook ads. You will use the AdSmartly custom links to set as your Facebook ads destination link instead- to allow you to get the most leads from website Link ads.

Engage Leads

Actively send direct inbox messages to your fan page messenger list, as well as communicate through app notification directly on the users account whose lead has been captured through the custom link.

Campaign Split Function

with AdsMartly you can turn off ads that are not doing well and quickly identify winning ads, so you pay less to Facebook.

Publish Content Instant Share

Instantly publish your created content across Facebook and Twitter whenever you hit the Publish Now Button after creating your content. You can access millions of premium videos and images through the connected pixabay API.

Editable Templates

Have access to millions of images you can quickly use to create Facebook specified ad posts.

You Should Have 100% Control Over How You

Market To Your Audience On Facebook

  • You Have Already Paid For Your Ad On Facebook And The Traffic It Gives You.

  • You Should Have Complete Control Over That Traffic.

  • You Should Not Have To Let Facebook Go With Your Traffic And You Should Not Have To Pay For Traffic Again.

AdsMartly Gives You That Control Over Your Traffic And Your Profits.

Facebook Will Be Profitable For You!

Adsmartly is going to ignite an explosion of new leads every time you create a new ad on Facebook or a sponsored post. If Facebook is not delivering the ROI you want- all that is going to change for you.

Facebook will be profitable for you as you… Re-target audiences you were never able to reach before like all your ‘likers’ and ‘commenters’, plus 100% of people who clicked on your ad-(even the ones that bounced)

Check Out What These Beta Testers
Are Saying About Adsmartly

Raiel Schwartz

‎Faruk Barber

Cortez Carlos

Raja Kan

Case Study

The Creator of this exact solution used it (AdSmartly) to promote an affiliate product barely 2 weeks ago and he was able to capture 681 leads, made tons of sales, WON a JV prize and ended 2nd on the Leaderboard.

Nothing Else On The Market Can Do What Adsmartly Does

There is simply no other software on the market that can do what AdSmartly does.

No other software can maximise the power of Facebook to add so many leads to your list.

You’ll kick yourself if you miss out on this opportunity to boost your profits and grow your business.

100% Newbie Friendly Software

No matter what your level of experience, you can plug in and use AdsMartly immediately.

You don’t need to be technical.

You just need to be able to follow some simple instructions because you can…

When You Instantly Access AdsMartly
Today You Will Be Getting All The Following:

  • The power to export 10,000 email leads
  • The ability to Engage your Leads like never before
  • Create 20 AdSmartly customized links
  • Campaign Split function software-to eliminate losing ads
  • Publish Content/Instant Share functionality - Instantly publish your created content across Facebook and Twitter..
  • Access millions of premium videos and images
  • Editable Templates – millions of images you can quickly use to create Facebook specified ad posts.

AdSmartly Elite

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Traffic From RSS to BLOG

Traffic From RSS To BLOG is a innovative WordPress plug-in for your RSS FEEDS. What's amazing is that it increases your SALES AND BLOG audiences by converting your Blog RSS FEED into DEADLY marketing weapon offering you greater control and flexibility.

It tempts your RSS Feed readers to visit your blog without slightest displeasure.

Hence, 'Traffic From RSS To BLOG' is not just about getting massive traffic but about getting quality traffic to your site.

Facebook Product Offer Publisher

Every successful affiliate marketer will tell you one of the best ways to get subscribers and make more sales is by offering giveaways, another truth is that facebook has the biggest source of potential customers. What if you can combine both of them together, Giving great and amazing offers to the large user base of facebook...That’s tons of leads, conversion, and sales!

This will allow you to create, schedule & repost four kinds of offer (Percentage Discount, Cash Discount, Free, Bogo) with three types post (Image, Video, Carousel) for your Facebook pages. It's a first application that can Create Offer post similar as Facebook Offer Ads.


This is a POWERFUL High-Performance youtube analytics & marketing software currently being built by my in-house development team that combines 12 different unique features for your youtube campaigns... With the amount of time & resources being spent to develop this tool i can confidently tell you it’s the MOST complete analytic & marketing software for your youtube channels and You can schedule video upload with it. Not only that you have the option to create live event easily with the application. It has the best complete search option for Youtube video. All the advanced parameter for searching Youtube video, Playlist, channel search engine are also available. After searching video, you will able to download video. The tool has feature to grab video tags that they have used. And many more!

Here are some of the powerful key features:

  • Import Channel & Videos
  • Channel Analytics
  • Video Analytics
  • Live Event Creation
  • Upload Scheduled Videos
  • Channel Search Engine
  • Playlist Search Engine
  • Video Rank Tracking
  • Keyword Scrapper
  • Auto Keyword Suggestion
  • YouTube Subscribe Button
  • Video Search Engine
  • Custom Video Downloader

Facebook Conversion Tracking

Facebook advertising has the power to double, triple or quadruple your affiliate business FASTER than any other online advertising platform. Tracking conversions can help you calculate the investment return from Facebook Ads because it informs you of the actions made by the people after seeing your adverts.

Using facebooks ads efficiently can guarantee you over a 1000% Return on investment, and knowing how your facebook ads is converting traffic to sales is a very important step. By integrating FBCT webpage in your site that produces conversion, like the payment page, will be able to see who makes a conversion as a result of your Facebook Ads.

Improve your business position and obtain success, this allows you to create future Solutions. To ensure that you're using the best tools available to track conversion, Optimization and remarketing.

Autoshopper Booster

This is a shop aggregator that searches multiple shopping sites at once, currently including:
AmazonGoldBox, eBay, eBay Deals, Zanox Datafeeds, Craigslist and Zazzle, but more will be
added soon if they support an affiliate program. You can browse items by Category or Popular tags as well as being able to Search shopping sites in realtime. Furthermore the shopping site is user-friendly, responsive, and customizable for any niche you can think. Best of all is that you can even make money

Here are some cool features built into Autoshopper Boster:

  • All-in-One multiple (3x) shopping site search engine
  • 18 Themes to choose from
  • Make money with supported Affiliate sites or Advertising network
  • Generate Instant web shop/store
  • Keyword Search or browse by category/ or popular tags
  • Fully Responsive, work on any mobile device or tablet
  • Super Lightweight Twitter Bootstrap theme with Bootswatch themes
  • iPhone & iPad compatible.


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I know the value you will get and I’m prepared to ‘back myself’ that it does everything I said it would.

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I've done everything I can to prove how valuable AdsMartly is. The ball is now in your court

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You Have 2 Choices...

  • You can close down this page and carry on marketing on Facebook as you are currently doing

    But think of all the lost leads and potential profits you are leaving on the table.

    If you’re serious about growing your business and your profits, you know that is not an option.


  • You want to Access AdsMartly instead

    You want to maximise your lead capture capability and profits on Facebook.

    Hit the instant access button below right now and make that a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I get support?

A. YES, absolutely. You will never be left stuck or wondering what to do next. Any question or query you have will be answered immediately.

Q. Do I Need Any Experience To Use AdsMartly To Generate Leads?

A. No! The software is 100% newbie friendly. You get super simple videos to follow. We are there to answer any question you have.

Q. How Soon Before I Can Start Seeing Results?

A. With AdsMartly your results are just a Click you can access your new leads almost immediately.

Q. Do I Need A Budget For Ads?

A. Not a requirement! You can use the system to achieve great results for free, however should you want to scale up your results the system has been designed to help you pay less with your ads goal.

Q. Will This Software System Work In Any Niche?

A. Sure, is not niche dependent, you can use Adsmartly to target and profit from whatever niche you want.

Q. What About Training & Support?

A. There are step-by-step video tutorials inside the dashboard that walk you through how to use the software for profit. Support is always just a click away.

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